First of all, you need to create your project on the Create New Site section. Log in to your project, go to Settings> General Settings> Import with Excel page from the menu on the left side of the screen.

In this section, click on Clear all data before the upload and enter the security code, then click the Next. Since there is only one excel format accepted by the system, click on Download the Sample in the image and enter the data of the residents into the opened excel file. 

Next, click on Select File and the upload this file to the system.


Before uploading the import file, please make sure that; 

  • All flat owners are defined, 
  • The purchase date of the flat by the flat owners is defined in the "Purchase Date" column, 
  • If there is a "Debt" or "Credit" balance, 

- The type of debt is defined, 

- The due date is defined, 

  • If a delay is applied to the “Debt” balance, 

- Owner's Opening Debt column, 

- Owner's Late fee Amount column, 

- Owner's Late Start date fee column, 

- Owner's Late Opening fee Rate column is defined. 

  • If there is no debt or credit balance, make sure these fields are empty. 
  • After defining all the flat owners, the column titled "Tenant" should be used for the flats with tenants and the same process should be followed that mentioned above when defining a tenant. 
  • It should be noted that the rent history of the tenants in the Rent History column must be defined. 
  • In case of using the column titled "Resident Full Name", the "Resident Entry Date" column must also be filled. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Support Team by dialing 0216 911 87 77 3-3, or send e-mail to or contact to Support Team via Live Support.