To pay your dues receipts via Apsiyon app with credit card; 

Go to Apsiyon mobile app and log in to your account. On the bottom right side of the screen, click on Other.

Then, on the top right side of the screen, click on Wheel.

Next screen, go to Profile Settings menu and click on My Cards and Instructions.

If you saved your card before, you can see the details on this page. If not, click on Add Card.

Then, enter the card details and click on Save.

After clicking on Save, One Turkish Lira will be withdrawn from your account to check if the card is active. The amount will be sent back to your account about within a day.

If you prefer automatic payment order, click on Give Automatic Payment Order below your card details.

Once you activate the option marked in the image and confirm the warning message, automatic payment order will be successfully saved.

If you prefer to make a payment with credit card, click on Make a Payment on the Summary page.

The following page will show you the amount of your debt from each categories. If you prefer to make a payment in other amount, you need to edit the amount and click on Continue.

You are allowed to pay with the following options; your saved card, a different card, BKM Express option.

You are allowed to pay in instalments from the Installment Options menu.

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Any further inquiries please contact support team, 0216 911 87 77 3-3