In order to assign the owner or tenant, the person concerned must first be registered in the system. To register a person, click on the Profiles field from the menus on the left.

New page will open and you can see all the contacts registered in your project. On this page, you can add person by clicking the +New button at the top of your screen.

On the screen that appears, fill in the full name, phone number etc. fields and press the Save button.


Note: Only fields marked with an star are required. Filling in other fields will make it easier for you to use the application.

The person that you registered appears on the list, but we haven't assigned the owner or tenant yet.

To define owner or tenant, click on the Units button on the left. On this page, click on the units where you want to add the person.

On this page, first click Add Person button, then select person type, profile, entry date and press save button.


The contact will be saved according to the type that you have selected