What is the definition of income and expense?

When you enter any financial data in the Apsis, you must specify for what purpose this record is entered. You can use the income/expense definition for this. 

For example, when debiting the resident for dues, you must select the Dues definition or when you issue an invoice to the elevator service company you must select Elevator Maintenance service definition.

What is the difference between Income/Expense, Expense and Income?

Income/Expense: This definition can be used for both debiting and outgoing payments. For example; Debt Receipt, Collection Receipt that issued to a resident; and Expense Invoice, Payment Receipt, Expense Voucher, Income Invoice, Collection Receipt, Income Voucher issued to companies, you can use Income/Expense definition.

Expense: You can use this definition for Expense Invoice, Payment Receipt, Expense Voucher that issued to vendors.

Income: You can this definition for Income Invoice, Collection Receipt, Income Voucher that issued to vendors.

How to enter Income/Expense definition?

Go to Definitions > Income - Expense on the left side of the screen.

Click on + New button in the Income/Expense Definitions section. 

Only the Name section is required in this section, and you do not have to type on the other lines. When you click the Save button once you finish writing in the definition section, the definition will be saved in the system. 

What are the other lines indicated in the image?

Group Line: If you want to collect some of your expense/income definitions under a main group, you can use this line.

For example, you can create a Management Office Expenses group and you can collect the stationery, internet, grocery shopping expenses of the Management Office under the name of Management Office Expenses group.

This will allow you to see the total expenses you have made in the Management Office Expenses group in a single line when you receive the Income-Expense Summary report in the future. 

To add a group, you can create a group record using the +New button in the Income / Expense Groups section on the Definitions> Income-Expense page. 

Distribution Type: It is a parameter that used when debiting with the meter which you do not have to select. 

Date – Opening Balance: This is a section that you need to enter when you just transfer your Apartment / Site to Apsis. For example, if you have collected 5000 TL under the name of Advertising Revenue on 01.01.2022, which is the date of transition to Apsis, you can enter a Debit of 5000 TL as opening balance with the opening date 01.01.2022.

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